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A big part of traveling is visiting locations with stunning visual appeal to create a sense of relaxation, wonder, or yearning for adventure. No matter what your reason may be for traveling, bringing a camera along with to document your trip should be a necessity for all.

Thanks to the rapidly changing technology that is photography, individuals of all levels of experience can take photos like professionals. Smartphones and tablets today have the remarkable ability to capture images with quality comparable to that of a thousand-dollar camera. With that said, taking these impressive pictures should only become easier as technology advances. In order to take advantage of this, consider visiting any of the following locations with some of the most breathtaking spots in the world.


Hawaii is well known for its massive volcanoes, their ensuing mountains, beaches, waterfalls, and incredible wildlife. This makes for one truly photogenic vacation destination. The Aloha State contains an amazing number of scenic spots where photographers, both professional and amateur, can capture beautiful pictures. Depending on how daring you’re willing to be to find the best picture possible, you can take part in surfing, kiteboarding, or scuba diving with a GoPro. Hawaii is a hotspot for adventure travel. Should you prefer to stay grounded for the best shots, check out Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.


If you’re looking for a destination with smaller crowds and fewer tourists blocking your shot, Norway’s population per capita is relatively small when compared to the size of the country itself. With that said, you are free to roam the country’s vast mountains, lakes, and glaciers with little distraction. Cities like Oslo and Bergen offer historic background on Norway, boasting colorful homes and classically designed buildings. There are even areas within the country where you can see the Northern Lights, typically around the Lofoten Islands.


China currently has the largest population by country in the world, which may make it seem as though traveling here would be nothing but burdensome. However, if you know exactly where to go in China for a little peace and quiet, remarkable photo opportunities will follow. Visit China’s Golden Triangle, with includes Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanghai for some photography hotspots. Southeastern China in general is goldmine of breathtaking scenery with smaller crowds to match. From waterfalls to cherry blossoms, China houses some of the most beautiful elements in nature.


What has a become a recent favorite in the traveling world, Iceland is known as one of the most visually appealing countries in the world. It offers amazing hiking trails, hot springs, and, of course, a front row seat for the Northern Lights. Iceland is often a dream vacation for photographers given its incredible natural beauty. The juxtaposition of the country’s glaciers and volcanoes make for some incredible photographs, and the sunsets here only add to its beauty. For a portfolio of pictures that you won’t soon forget, Iceland is one of the most opportune countries.