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One of the reasons that “backpacking through Europe” is such a cliché is because it’s such an amazing and unique experience.  Europe has everything from quaint villages, to ancient castles, to sprawling metropolises, to amazingly swimmable bodies of water, and they’re all pretty close to each other. The best part of these is that they can often be enjoyed on a budget. If you’re looking to backpack through Europe, here are some tips, taken from a post that I read online.

Choose your season wisely: Where you go should depend on the weather.  Try the Balkan coast in the summer season.  If you’re visiting in the early fall, visit the Mediterranean, where the weather cools down and the tourists are gone.  In the winter, try the Alps or Scandinavia.  And if you’re visiting in the spring, try the Netherlands, France, and the British Isles.  

Take the train: If you travel by train, you’ll be able to view the various landscapes of Europe at ground level.  And if you take your longest journeys on overnight trains, you can save on overnight accommodation costs.  You can also try Ryanair, which looks for cheap flights throughout Europe.  

Think about accommodation: Lodging is pretty important, but it doesn’t have to be the defining factor of your trip.  Hostels and homesteads both make sure that you can always find an affordable place to stay.  Make sure that you book in advance.  

Think about festivals: Whether it’s Oktoberfest in Munich, Roskilde in Denmark, the battle of the oranges in Ivrea, or the running of the bulls in Spain, there are always plenty of festivals going on in Europe.  Do yourself a favor and try one out.  

Go off the beaten path: Try to stay away from the well-worn routes to avoid tourist traps and the tourists they bring in.  You’ll get a much more unique and authentic experience.  There’s also some great local food that you won’t want to miss.

Look for the free things: Plenty of amazing experiences throughout Europe won’t break the bank, such as the Roman Aperitivo, free museums in London, or the free walking tours in numerous other cities.

Get outdoors: Much as you’ll want to site-see in the major cities, you won’t want to miss out on outdoor pursuits, such as Bulgaria’s Rila Mountains, Portugal’s Alentejo coast, or the Northern Lights of northern Sweden.  And if you’re near the beach, make sure you go.  Montenegro, Spain, Croatia, and Italy have all got excellent beaches.  

Stay up late: Europeans love to party all night, and when you experience the nightlife in European cities, you’ll understand.  Try the historic pubs of Oxford, the ruin bars of Budapest, or the enotecas of Italy.